Help needed! plss don't ignore this,,?

Question:i m studying in singapore,,IB diploma,,
its like 12th grade or A level,

i want to study in usa universities,
do aeronautical engineering,,
now here're my questions--
>what's the minimum requirement for IB score,,SAT score??
i got 730 out of 800 in math SAT,,english i got less,,is it ok?

>r there any scolarships schemes or application for financial aids??
>do u know anyone who's going or has gone to usa for studying engineering??do u have their email id,,

this is my carrer prob,,

maybe if u help me rite now,,u will be helped by someone in future when u r in pits,,

find more information on usa universities,aeronautical engineering
I've been asking more or less the same question, but no real answer so search yourself, one Univ that's good for prospective aero engineers is Arizona University and quite affordable , and another one is Purdue University, I'm not an american but your SAT score seems okay, I'll take it in a few months time too, what I undersand is important is to be in the top of your class.
sorry i cant help you with this question but i wish you good luck and hope you get the answer you are looking for honey!

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