I am a british Citizen birth date 18/01/1959 MBA degree holder interested US student visa for further study.?

Question:My one family freind and sister are living in USA. Both opf they are capable to sponsor me.Can I eligible for USA student visa
One more matter I want to clear that as my age should be my
limitations in my progress.Please reply me as soon as possible.
My family is living in India. In my family there is two members.
My husband and my son. My husband is working as a deputy manaer(accounts) in India. and my son is studing in E & C (degree course) If I get a chance of student visa can I call them.
Thank you

Aruna Desai

Ignore the first answer, that person is probably as stupid as there answer.
Yes you can get a visa. Not only can you get a student visa, with a degree you can apply for a work visa and eventually a green card.
Go to the embassey website for more details. Good luck.
One more thing, you cannot call your family over until you are a citizen/green card holder
Get real !!! If your so good why the hell do u want to be in the USA ? please get a life
You need to contact an immigration lawyer. It is not as easy as it seems to be.
I don't think you can bring relatives over on a student visa..

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