How should i tell my parents ?

Question:I just finish my diploma1 in university of business computing and im on school holiday now. But last week, my friend said there's a university of game designer in singapore. Since my family have a apartment there, i really want to change my module (from business computing to game design) and study there. so my friends and i planning to live in Singapore. they planning to get a job there and if they got the job already, i really like to go to the university there. but they said that they probably got the job on January or February 2008 (hopefully), so im planning to wait til Jan or Feb 08 then continue my collage in singapore. but how should i tell my parents about this (study in singapore and probably start next year) ? what should i told them if they ask me about what would i do til next year ? and i'd like to bring my best friend (but more like a brother to my family) to study english there also, but how should i tell them ?
Sorry about my English

Tell them that you want to talk about something important to you first. Make sure before you say anything the know that you really need them to listen...and speak respectfully don't raise your voice. tell them the truth...tell them what you want to do in school and what your plans are. I think they will understand if you tell them in a way that has structure. Say you want to do this because It is important to you.
just do it!
You should find a job (based on your education: business computing) where you're living until January and tell your parents that there is an opportunity in Singapore for you where you have to do game design and will later get a job there...

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