Did you hear about the IB diploma (International Baccalaureate) ?

Question:Please write down all you know about it . Is it very damn challenging ?? etc

Hi. It's called the IB program, and I am in it. When you enter, you are a candidate for the diploma. What school are you from anyway in which state? You could check out the IB website. However, I will give you some personal advice.

You start to prepare in your junior year. Your senior year will be the hardest. At the end of your senior year in May, you will be tested (quite like the AP). IB tests, depending, are generally shorter.

First of all, you pick 3 higher levels (3 rigorous tests of your or your school's choice).

At my school, the higher levels are English, History of Americas, and I had the choice to pick the last one.

Second, you pick 3 standard levels (3 less time consuming tests of your or your school's choice).

At my school, the higher levels are Math (Calculus), a language (Spanish), and Physics.

You could also opt to take Comp Sci or Economics for your sl at my school.

I suggest that you refrain from taking Physics HL. The highest grade you can make on the IB is a 7 (this is like a 5 in AP). If you make below a 3 on the HL test, you WILL NOT GET THE DIPLOMA. If you make below a 2 on the SL test, you WILL NOT GET THE DIPLOMA.

All together, you could receive 45 points (maybe more? I forget!). You need to at least get 24 points or above to receive the diploma (with the exception that you make a 3 on HL and 2 on SL).

In IB, you also need to complete CAS hours. Creativity, Action, and Service hours - 50 of each. These are very simple to do. After all, you have 2 summers. For creativity, you can make a scrapbook, for action, you can run, and for service, you can help a teacher. These should be the least of your worries.

Lastly, you have a Theory of Knowledge class. You can receive a point for you TOK essay. You can receive up to 3 if your Extended essay is good. Your Extended Essay is an essay that contains 4000 words. Pick any topic that interests you!

In english, you will also have to write World Literature essays. This essays compare and contrast two pieces of translated literature. In history, you will have to do a historical investigation on a topic of you choice. In math, you will have portfolios. Think of them as math projects - difficult ones.

Basically, I love IB. I am glad I am in it. I swear to you, I joined thinking that I can drop out anytime I want. I didn't. It boosted my GPA, and colleges (such as those in CA) love it ! There are so few IB schools that only a few kids can put it on their resumes. Remember, it isn't any harder than AP. Because you are in IB, you can also take the AP. You are prepared for both. However, AP kids don't have that chance. You will do well. Choose IB if you have the chance. It's one of the top things I've ever done. Well, yes, by senior year it will be extremely challenging! Just more time consuming! The work isn't any harder.

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