Foreign exchange student program or "homestay" type thing $2000 or below?? Help pleas?

Question:im interested in australia or the uk?? i live in the philippines

Check into Youth For Understanding. They have a ton of scholarships.
Hi. I was an exchange students back in the year of 2005-2006. I was hosted in the USA while Im from Indonesia. The US government has a program called YES where selected high school students from selected countries get to go to the US for 11 months. The countries are Indonesia, The Philippines, Malaysia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and more countries that has big moslem population. And it's for free. It's also under an organization called AFS. I dont know how much to go to the UK and Australia but it's over $2,000. My friend who was hosted in Australia paid about $6,600 for 11 months too. I'm sure it's a lot less to go there less than a year.I suggest you contact AFS or if you ever heard about EF, contact EF. Good luck.
If you are a Muslim student in many countries, you can apply to several different exchange programs which participate in the U.S. State Department's Y.E.S. (Youth Exchange and Study) program. This program is a full scholarship program for high school students to study in the U.S. for a year.
Here is the official web site. You must pick an exchange program that is listed here in order to participate.
That's a tough question. There are a lot of programs out there for students to go to another country. I would look into a local directory for AFS, or CCI (Center for Cultural Interchange), or even well as YES and FLEX programs. You might also as your town to help sponsor your trip, too. Good luck!
i am going on student exchange through YFU (YOUTH FOR UNDERSTANDING) to italy for 6 months, but it is costing about $7,500. I think the only way to make it under $2000 is if you apply and win a scolarship but even then i think it will still be over $2000. I think you should go for Australia. I am australian and i we have hosted a number of students from around the globe and they really enjoy their stay here. Goodluck =]

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