How Do you study?

Question:I really want to study but im never able to study because of of my lazyness!! i need help majorly lol... i want to go to uni

No, the reason is not just because your lazy. There is a reason behind it and I had this challenge to in the past. What changed for me to read many books, and even write my own and have my own businesses?

Can I be honest with you mate? You see, we all do things or don't do things because of a reason many don't understand. The first, which I will come upto is, when I was having a challenge, I began to sit down and think - and realised, I didn't know my REAL reason why. I didn't know what I wanted out of life, and couldn't see the future really of what I wanted.

Imagine mate - if you don't have a target, then you might as well keep firing to find, you've hit everything else but not what you wanted or nothing at all.

So, the first thing I did is I took a step back and not to criticise myself but to reflect and write down exactly why I am studying, where do I want to be in a couple of years and broke these down to how I am going to do it.

Now, I just didn't do that straight away. I wanted too but something was holding me back. And everytime I didn't do what I should be doing, I kept getting into a mess, work piles up and I am panicking and I knew, deep inside, the result would be crap. So, I wanted to find out why am I like this.

Until you KNOW about you, how you tick, you won't move on. So, I did just that and man, I found out why I didn't do what I did, and why everyone else was doing the same.

You see, when you and I do something or not, then this becomes a habit. Everytime you don't do what you do, it becomes a STRONGER habit BECOMES PART OF YOU. When that happens, you are in trouble if that habit doesn't do anything positive.

Imagine a glass of milk. Now, imagine each time you don't study, that habit is a like a drop of blue ink dropped into the milk. Each time you don't study, another drop of blue ink hits that milk - until so many actions make that glass of milk go dark blue.

Now, you got a major problem and if it isn't sorted out, this habit of not studying, not reading or not doing the other things too, that will help you in life will because PART OF you. The ONLY way is to dilute it.

So imagine - you start sitting down and before tomorrow comes, you get a piece of paper and write down what you need to do. For example:

1. Maths assignment, four pages to do.

2. English essay - 5 pages.

3. Science, 2 pages.

And so forth, and at the end of each task you put a box. Now, you know what to do tomorrow. You have to MAKE a decision - that no TV, no Music, No mates, nothing should get in the away.

You don't move also from task two if task one is not done. Your task one must be the MOST important. If there are three MOST important task then break them down to A1, A2 etc.

Look - I have learnt the hard way and I know now why people mess up because I have been there and I meet so many people who mess their life up, or they are so busy but I find they have not achieved jack, nothing. Just looked very busy.

When you do what you need to do, and plan a day or even like me, a week ahead, then you're going to be ahead of everyone. 95% of the population DON'T plan.

They don't also dilute all that black ink, the negative habits by positive thoughts and saying to themselves, "I am in control, I am not anything else and nor my whims. I CAN do this."

You know, when I planned, my business turnover trippled in four months and its growing even more and faster. All because I am doing what others don't do.

You can do it mate. I know it be a little struggle because you will need to pushing against habits you have had for sometime and also your thoughts, but, your future is important. Your success may inspire someone. Your finances will help your family or neighbourhood oneday. You can go on holiday and see the world oneday. You can make a difference to your life and others too.

But most of all, you do it for YOU.

So, ask yourself - what am I doing it for? Whenever you do anything, ask yourself - will this get me to where I really want to go and make me what I want to be. Always ask this question and deep inside, you will know the answer.

The thing is - I haven't really shared anything that you don't know. You know all I have said, and know it well. There is a saying:

"You cannot teach a person something he does not already know; you can only bring what he does know to his awareness.

The best book for you and if you read this and apply, then you won't have any problems or challenges you have now is a book by Brain Tracy called Eat the Frog.

I'll leave you a link. Read more books to develop yourself and leadership. It will make you stand out of the crowd, study and also, maybe you can help others too, who having same challenges.

But what you are facing has a name. It is called - Procrastination.

Good luck. Apply what I mentioned and see what happens and read that book. You'd be amazed what happens next! You can do it!

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I rewrite notes on index cards and just keep going through them
1) Take notes while your teacher teaches
2) When you come home, recopy those notes in an organized, neat manner.
3) Read over the notes you just copied.
4) Find key facts. Put them on flashcards and read them all once a day until your test. [Add more as you go farther in your assigned unit before testing}

This will eliminate the need for cramming before a test, because by the time the night before gets there, you will practically know everything. A few days before your test, when you start reviewing in class, make yourself a practice test consisting of all your important facts. Sometimes there are ones in your book or your teacher may even make one for you if you ask [remember that teachers usually do just want to help you succeed]. Take it every day until your test. Don't cheat!

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