B.A.M.S (Study of ayurveda in India)? Help Please...?

Question:I want to do a B.A.M.S that is a Bachelor of Ayurved medicine and surgery in India… I am not sure if the best way is to enrol in a University for a course of 5 ½ years…I have heard by students there that the course is rather slow and at the end one does not get to learn everything one wants to learn and with the language barrier it is sometimes difficult to understand the professors…Also, I have heard that the Universities are very exam oriented meaning they only focus on teaching what’s going to be in the exams instead of teaching everything just for the sake of knowledge and passion. I would like to know if someone knows where is it best to study ayurveda in India…is there a private ayurvedic physician that is willing to impart the knowledge of ayurveda privately, is there a good university with passionate professors that actually want to teach…where is it best to study ayurveda…any opinions, ideas, tips and experiences will be very, very helpful

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