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Question:Hola Peeps!... im an Asian,,,will be going to Aus next yr for my studies. people say tht Aussies will discourage us n there will be Racial discrimination. im also going wid my best buddy n shez from India n shez a musilm..again they say she'll face alot of probs cuz of her religion... so um,,, well is it really true? should we drop our idea of moving there??


I used to be an international student in Australia from South-East Asia and currently living in Melbourne assisting new international students.

From my experience, Australian students are relax, friendly, welcoming and can't be bothered with religion, race or skin color. They are willing to help if needed. I make alot of Australian (including Caucasians and non-caucasians backgrounds, like Asians, Indians etc) friends and international students friends as well during my study. Of course there will be some ppl who can't accept something different than what they are and make racial comments, but there are very few of them and honestly not worth mentioning. After all, racism will always exist in any countries in the world, and even worse in my country of origin.

The problem is, sometimes there are international students who tend to stick with their own 'fellow country-people' just for the sake of easiness to communicate and different culture. This in turn creating gaps between the Australian and international students and the Australian students feel that they are being singled-out. Therefore I always encourage my fellow international students to mix their friendship community.

In regards to discrimination, there are no laws that discriminate a single race/gender/color/religion. All are treated the same. However there are some Muslim leaders immigrants in Australia who made criticisms abt Australian way of living just b'cos it is not the same with what they used to. They've been making comments such as that Australian women are deserved to be raped b'cos of their clothing and something similar to that line. This of course creates a negative feedbacks from the communities, even Australian Moslems. But generally, Australians do not really mind abt any religions at all.

Hope this helps. E-mail me at mikegun(at) if you have any more questions abt study in Australia. Good luck on your study and welcome to Australia :)
no it is definitely not true!
im australian and go to school and i have lots of asian friends. No body discriminates like this =]
have fun

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