Are there study abroad scholarships or financial aid?

Question:I am dieing to study abroad in Sweden next year. I will do ANYTHING to be able to go, however, my dad has been out of a job for over two years, and we are a low income family. Are there scholarships and financial aid for study abroad students? Can you list any you know of or may find?

Many exchange programs offer scholarships and the good ones also help you with fundraising. You can find a list of those which are certified to operate in the US at

You should also check with your school counselor to see which ones he/she recommends.

I do know that Finland has several summer scholarship opportunities that are offered through various programs such as YFU, however I'm not sure if Sweden does.
I know that Sallie Mae gives out loans to U.S Students enrolled to foreign Universities.

that's all the info I could get, but you can check the school you're applying to, to see if they give out any financial support to their international applicants.
I would reccommend making an appointment with your financial aid director and seeing if you can do something through the school. They might have financial aid set aside for programs like that.

Check out:

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