Going to Europe?

Question:Well i jus graduated from 8th grade right and my mom is sending me to europe to go to highschool there and live with my uncle so can about it how r the schools there i'm also going to collage in europe

You don't say which, but in most European countries, the secondary schools are harder than they are in the U.S. You will have much tougher classes and much more responsibility for your own education than you have here. You won't get "freebie" points for warming the chair in class and turning in reams of "busy work" homework.

If you will be in a gymnasium system (Germany, Denmark, Finland, etc.) you will find that by the time you hit 10th or 11th grade, the classes will be at our junior college level.

On the other hand, many U.S. universities are the best in the world, so you may want to seriously consider returning when it's time for college.

A few other differences -- no competitive sports! If you are an athlete, that will be done outside of the school environment. You won't have as many elective courses either; nor as much choice in what you take. Generally you can select a career path, but the courses in that path are set.

Of course, these are just bare generalizations ... knowing what country you are going to would help.

Also, you will really need to work on whatever your language will be AND your English!

Good luck and have fun!
LUCKY! Whish I could do that.
Be your self, do your research and have a great time!

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