Can i go to school in england all four years?

Question:i kno there is study abroad programs but wat if i get into a school can i go to it?

If you can get admitted to a university in England, you can get your degree from there. What you cannot do is four years of study abroad, getting your degree from a University in the U.S.
Actually, you may be able to finish your course in 3 years.

=] Universities in the UK don't expect you to take general education.
If you want to attend a university in the UK and graduate from there, you can apply to it, just as you would apply to a university in the US. You'd study there for three years, not four - their schooling system is different from that of the US.

Know, though, that because their school system is different from that of the US, by the time they are 18 and entering uni, they've had an extra year of schooling than you have. In addition, their schooling has been about depth of study, while in the US it's all about breadth. That's why most UK universties, for US applicants, won't accept you if you simply apply with a normal highschool diploma. They'll want you to have done an IB instead, or to have done 3-5 AP exams, scoring a 4 or above on each, and/or to have done some SAT II exams. Check the web pages for the schools you're interested in and see what they require of US applicants, then see if you qualify.

Also note that, of course, you won't be receiving financial aid from the US government - aid you might get if you went to a school in the US, instead.

Check out the websites of the following universities, to learn more about all this:

- University of London (try University College, London)
- Oxford University
- St. Andrew's (that's in Scotland)

Good luck.
Yes, you can go to college in the England if you want to!
I just came back from London, and had the time of my life. One of my friends who was in the group that I went with wanted to stay over there and finish school. She found out that she could go, but it's really expensive (much more expensive than a normal school in the US). And we go to a private college, so it was more expensive than what we're paying already! All you need to do is figure out where you want to go to school in England, and find some schools over. Call and talk to someone in their admissions department, and explain your situation to them. You're also gonna have to get a visa to be over there studying in their schools, and of course a passport. Good luck with that.

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