Rotary Exchange - France?

I just found out I be accepted as a Rotary Exchange student to France. This process I get to move about to France for a year and live with three different family while attending school and experiencing a different culture.
I'm so pumped! However, I be just reading some message boards something like Rotary France saying that almost everyone who go to France has problems. Does anyone know if this is true? Has this happen to anyone? It makes me a bit worried...but I'm sure not everyone have problems...
I'm just looking for some angelic and/or bad expierences. Thanks!

Answers:    My Rotary club sent a student to France end year and she had a fabulous time. She kept within contact with our club and when she come back did a presentation.

Just consider that it is one year - at hand is no way that contained by that time things will be 100% perfect. There is the adjustment extent, language barrier no matter how great your French may be, and some homesickness. These are usual.

The French student who came to the US have an emergency root canal - not surrounded by the plan but it happens. Overall, it is a study experience and an expanding of your view of the world.

Good luck and dance with an depart mind, every opportunity whether initially good or doomed to failure is a learning experience.
I doubt it's true. The catastrophic thing is that relations use message boards to vent. You seldom see them using them to say what a wonderful time they are have!

The best thing you can do is prepare yourself for your own exchange and not verbs about the others. Work on your terms skills, learn just about France, get equipped to leave for a year.

For some aid there, try looking at this website:

It's written by exchange students FOR exchange students and have lots of helpful guidance!

Good luck, relax and have fun!

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