I am Egyptian...how can i get a scholarship to study engineering at UK or USA?

Question:I am egyptian,2nd year engineering student,Automotive mechanical engineering departement at helwan university.
I dream to go to Detroit and work at car factories there.But how can i get a scholarship?...i speak Arabic,English,Chinese and a little japanese and french.
I have computer skills.and i am athletic..
If there is any chance for me to study engineering abroad?

Go on line and find out about Universities that take foreign students. My husband who came from India, finished his Bachelors in aeronautics and came to for Masters to PhD in UCSD. He got scholarship for all of his classes. Find out exactly what you want to do. Every university had e-mail system and phone directory.
Flash yer cash thats all you need to get in one of our unis as most places are taken up by foreign students anyway you might as well come join us but don't forget to go back home when you have finished your studies.
Find a big universitie in egypt and join a exchange student program where you can spend about 2 years in a diffferent country.

I have morocoan relatives and they all joined a morocan university and got sent to france,Canada and USA so thats always a safe bet.

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