How can I pass my GED? I need help with studying HELP?

Question:I need to help studying, all I need is my Math and Sci part of my GED and I need help understand how to study for it. This is my last time I'm able to take the GED. If, I dont pass it this time I have to wait tell Next year and I cant wait that long. I go to Gary Job Corps and I cant stay here any longer but I need my GED so I need help please help me

Buy a GED study guide's a list of some of them from amazon (most of them should be available at your local bookstore). Look through there and read the reviews and choose one that most people where satisified with. Also make sure you find a more recent one.

Most of them should have practice problems in them. Also if they could with a cd rom, they most likely even have more practice problems.

Also you can google "ged practice tests" and try the math and science questions there. And if you come across a math problem you do not know how to work, you could ask the people on here or google it to learn how. (the ged books, would probably help you work out most kinds of problems.)

Good luck!
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