How can an UK citizen get to go to University in the USA?

Question:I really want to go to University, but I think I would like to go to one abroad, preferably an English speaking country...does anyone know how to find out more about doing this and the costs etc?

Thanks :)

Studying abroad is a very expensive commitment but I can certainly help to guide you if you wish to study in the States.

Firstly you need to decide what it is that you wish you study and then find a University which suits and meets your needs. There are plenty of ways to find which University is right for you, it could be based on the schools academic record, financial costs or maybe even via location, perhaps there is specific state or city which you which to live in, climate to be in or maybe you want to close to the sea or mountains.

However you decide, it is up to you but just remember that you will be spending the next four years there.

Each University as different prices for their tuition just like each state and city as a different cost of living. The cost can range anywhere from $18,000 - $45,000 per year including tuition, cost of living, transportation etc.

If money is an issue you might want to look at attending a Community College. You spend your first two years here before transferring to a State/Metropolitan University to complete your final two years. This can save you quite a huge sum of money.

Once you have decided or narrowed down you choice of Universities or Community Colleges. Then your next step is contacting them and request that they send you all of the relevant paperwork for admission as an international student including details about the course you wish to study.

Then look what the requirements are to be accepted and make sure you have everything in order (fees, documents, test scores, affidavits etc) before sending off your application of admission to the University or Community College.

Once you have been accepted the University will issue you with the form I-20 and then you can finally start the visa process. You will be applying for a student visa (F-1)

If you want more information about applying for a student visa or if you want anymore help, guidance or assistance about anything regarding studying abroad... no matter how small the question maybe then do not hesitate to contact me directly (email or messenger) and I will be more than happy to help.
Try this site:
You would need to get a student visa. I think in the UK you can get all of your info from your travel ministry.
when you apply to go to that university tell them that your english and they can issue you with visa.
Why would you go anywhere other than your Owen country we in the UK have the best University's in the world that why people come here to be Educated Even go to Scotland to be Educated some good University's there to, Edinburgh is one of many if you live in the south of England then that would be you going Abroad lol get your degree in the UK

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