How i study in Ireland ?

Question:i am from pakistan and want to study in ireland.

It depends on your definition of 'Ireland'.

Do you mean the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland? The latter is part of the United Kingdom. I only ask this because people don't always know the difference between the two and it is important that you know the difference also as this affects the way you apply for a student visa.

Before you do anything else however you must first decide what you want to study and which college/university would be the most suited to your needs, weather academically, financially or based on location.

Once you have done this then you need to contact your chosen college/university and request that they send you all of the relevant paperwork for admission as an international student along with details about your desired course.

When you have received this, check to make sure you have everything in order, that you meet all of the requirements for that school, documents, test scores etc before you send off your application.

When you have received your letter of acceptance/I-20 you may then start to apply for your visa.

Applying for a student visa for the Republic or Ireland:

You must print out and fill in the application form below.

and then refer to the following website for all of the requirements, fees and procedures for obtaining a student visa:

To apply for a student (INF 5) visa for the United Kingdom, you will find all of the relevant information to do so on the following website.
good. just try to fit in a little bit and be yourself too.

good luck.

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