How can i avail student visa to US?

Not too sure about the purpose of your question, but if you are asking about how to obtain a student visa to study in the states?

Then you must first decide what you want to study and which college/university would be the most suited to your needs, weather academically, financially or location (State/city).

Once you have done this then you need to contact your chosen college/university and request that they send you all of the relelvent paperwork for admission as an international student along with details about your desired course.

When you have received this, check to make sure you have everything in order, that you meet all of the requirements for that school, documents, test scores etc before you send off your application.

If you are accepted you will receive what is know as an I-20 form and with this you can then apply for your student visa. Without knowing which country you are from I can't really guide you in this, so you will have to find on the internet the U.S Embassy in your own country and look at the requirements and application procedures for a student (F-1) visa.
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The first place to start before you do anything else in regards to studying in the United States is to research and decide:

A) Which academic program you wish to study.

B) Which College/University is best for you. This can be decided upon in many different ways. The schools academic record, which programs the school offers, financial costs and/or the location.

Once you have decided on the above, ask the college/university you have chosen to send you all the relevant paperwork for admission as an international student including details about the course which you intend to study.

Then look what the requirements are to be accepted and make sure you have everything in order before sending off your application of admission to the University.

Once you have been accepted the University will issue you with the form I-20 and then you can finally start the visa process. You will be applying for a student visa (F-1).

To apply for an F-1 visa you will need to:

- Pay the SEVIS fee of $100. More information about the SEVIS fee is below and along with the website to pay it.

- Complete the visa application form DS-156, which can be found in the link below and must be filled out online.

- Complete a contact information and work history form (DS-158), found below.

- Pay the $100 Visa application fee which you pay via credit card over the phone at the time of scheduling your interview at the American Embassy in your home country. For more information on how to schedule an interview visit the website below.

- If you are male and aged between 16 and 45 then you also need to complete an additional form which is the DS-157 found below.

- Along with all of this you will need a passport valid for at least six months beyond your stay, one passport photo, evidence of funds to cover all expenses including tuition, health insurance, room and board etc. Evidence can be presented in the form of a bank statement from either yourself, parents or anyone else who will be sponsoring you showing the funds available. Also your I-20 issued from the University and finally evidence to show that you will return home at the conclusion of your studies.

I think that this about covers everything you will need to know, if you need any further help then please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help.

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