What is the best university for Americans (English speakers) wanting to study contained by Pakistan?

I graduated from a university within california and want to go to grad conservatory in Pakistan for Ph.D contained by Islam. Can you recommend a school for English speaking students?

Answers:    Try the International Islamic University surrounded by Islamabad. They don't offer a PhD within Islam but they do have one surrounded by Arabic. They do offer serveral masters degree in Islam.


You could also try the Allama Iqbal Open University. They tender an MPhil which leads to a PhD within Islamic Studies.


Good luck. I must say that you're pretty brave if you're considering going to Pakistan to study, seeing that you're American and adjectives. Why don't you try coming to Saudi Arabia. There are several well established Islamic university, notably Umm Al-Qura University, and the country is much safer and more hospitable to westerners than Pakistan. Even though it's my own country, I wouldn't recommend it..it can be antagonistic and unstable and not the safest place in the world for a westerner.
Check International Islamic University, Islamabad. www.iiu.edu.pk

though I'm not sure if they are offering Ph D. programs but if they are than it's the right place
Charles, even though I would resembling to help you, please, you are not a Pakistani and from your signature, I assume, not even Pakistani looking.

Please stay away from Pakistan to avoid any incidents and to avoid giving us yet another unpromising reputation.

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