How study in Cambridge?

Question:Hello, I'm French and one of my brothe would like come and study in England and specially in Cambridge. What has he to do ? His level in english is better than mine. Thanks.

He would have to obtain the very highest grades in the Bacc to even be considered. The easiest way would be to attend a top ranked French university with links to Cambridge and then apply for an exchange year. St Andrews in Scotland is perhaps the most 'international' of all the UK universities and, though it still has high standards, the competition is not so stratospheric as in Oxford or Cambridge. Trying to obtain an exchange place there might more more sense.
Cambridge Massachusetts maybe (MIT) but not England

He could get started at Open U
well, i am from the UK. Cambridge and Oxford are the top universities in the world. and you need to be very very very good at studies and also at other curricular activities. u need very high grades(AAA) plus other interests. best of luck.
Hi, you can refer to the UCAS website, it provides more details about applying to Cambridge. You might be able to find out. Also entrance to Cambridge is very very competitive with it being the top Uni in the UK, so he might want to do a more thorough research before he plunge into it. This is the website:

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