Do you need a college degree to teach English in South Korea?

Question:I was wondering if you needed to go to college and have a degree in something to teach English in South Korea? 'Because last time I was searching it up, this one site said she was only 18 and got a job as an English teacher for South Korea.

Wow, I'm sorry you got your share of lousy answers!
Yes, you do need a degree to teach English in South Korea. If your major is in English or teaching, then that should be enough. But if you hold a degree in any other field, you'll need a teaching certificate as well. Something like the CELTA, TEFL, TESOL certificates.
Good luck!
I'm not exactly sure, but I believe that you can without a degree, but you have to be in college working towards a degree within the education field.

To be sure you may want to confirm this thru another source.
I'm not sure. I lived there for a year with my husband who is on the Army, and I had a friend who was about 20 and she taught at a school there, so maybe not!
yes so that you are sure that what you are teaching to the south korea is right and in that way filipinos and south koreans will be proud to them
You might not need a degree, but you certainly need some training in EFL methods. If you want to teach English, teach it well. Understand the what, why, when, and how of teaching English. Your students deserve it. Plus, your academic grammar could use some work. That last sentence was a mess.

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