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Question:Okay well i am thinking about college.. i am not going this year but soon. I really like NOtre Dame and i know tha t it is a good university. Yet i have to think about going to Franciscan University of Steubenville. My dad works there so i would get free tuition and alll of my older brothers and sisters ahve gone there. i know that notre dame will be expensive but i think that i will be able to get a scholarship.. i am think of going into pre law.. please tell me which school is better!

Franciscan is a good school, to be sure, and the quality of education is very comparable, but let's talk post-grad and "name recognition". How many people outside of Ohio, outside of the Midwest have heard of Steubenville? How many of them would be more likely to hire a FUS grad over an ND grad with the same qualifications? The free tuition is certainly very tempting, but as impractical as it sounds, money should not be a consideration for college. Yes, I said it, and I'm certainly not rich. If you can't afford it, you'll get financial aid, and even if you're like me and have to take out some student loans, it's the most important investment you can make. All in all, I say forget the money part, examine both schools for what they are, the pros and cons of both, and follow your heart. Apply to both and see what happens from there.
Where ever it is free. What really counts is where you go for Law school, not pre-law. You can take the prerequisites anywhere.
I'd go for the free tuition. I normally don't codone "riding on Daddy's coat tail," but this choice could really save some dough.
dont waste money on an undergraduate if you already plan on getting a graduate degree. The cheaper the better, you will get the same quality education to be perfectly honest
Free tuition, b/c college can be expensive.. $$$
free tuition, and i've heard from sooo many people that Franciscan is a great school.

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