Brown Boston Universities or just other universities?

Question:Im going to be a junior in highschool, and now im really hoping that in the near future I can be an archelogist, schools coming up and theyres a list of classes from lowest to highest,...standard, college prep, honors, and ap, Im taking college prep and honors, but I heard that i have to take ap, the higest level, and around me brown and Boston university only have archeology, I do alot of extra currical activites that im succesful in like karate, dance, Cross country and violin, and i have good grades, but I m confused, and btw to add on to that are there any other colleges in like Europe that offer archeology? I know its alot, but i appreciate it if you answer this at least the beggining part of my question. thank u

brown is a top universities and is most probably a reach school for you unless you are an outstanding athlete/musician/writer, etc..

but definitely apply to boston university. i think you'll have a good shot getting in!

as for other colleges, there's nothing wrong with out of state colleges. but out of country?? good luck finding info on those.

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