Do I have to resign my US citizenship if I want to go and study anywhere in Canada?

I'm pretty sure you don't. I've heard of people who went to America to study (from Canada) and they just needed to get an American citizenship. If you are an American citizen (born there) I'm sure they can't take that away if you were to study in another country. Too many people do it for them to do that, because a lot of them go back after. :)
Only if you want to become a canadian citizen.
Not at all, you just need a Canadian student visa to study in the US. No worries, you are perfectly fine. Just notify the dept. of homeland security immigration services that you will be out of the country studying abroad.
What you would need is a student visa, and this has nothing to do with your citizenship. This would allow you to live in Canada for your studies and return to the US when you are finished.
You do not have to become a Canadian citizen, and you do not have to give up your US citizenship at all.

After you are accepted at a Canadian university or other school, you apply for a student visa. You will be able to work on campus and in some provinces you can work up to 20 hours per week off-campus.

Studying in Canada is a popular option with American students -- the cost is reasonable (especially in Quebec) and the quality is high.

Even if you later become a landed immigrant (same as a green card in the US) or even a Canadian citizen, you do not have to give up your US citizenship. I have been a dual citizen for many years now, and there is no problem.

Good luck!

Liselyn Adams
Assoc. Vice-President, International
Concordia University (Montreal)

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