Doing MS after gaining 3-4 years of IT experience?


- I am 24 with 3 yrs of IT work experience (Engineering background in electronics & commu.) and I have been thinking about doing MS. I dont know whether this is right option after these many years in to industry.

- Considering the cost factor of studying abroad I would prefer Singapore. If it is good option kindly let me know the preparation details and other admission details like do i have take GRE, preparation time, my chances of entering in to the top university ,schlorships....
I would also like to know about other options like studying in MS in US.

Thanks and Advance,


Good US universities also provide funding when they give you an admit.

So if your GRE score is good, you have quality work experience, have maintained decent scores in your undergrad as well have decent recommendations then theres no stopping.
Not only do u stand a fair chance of getting an admit from a quality US school but also funding.

Don't be disheartened if you do not get funding. These days several students get admits without funding but they manage t score well in their first semester of MS and thereby making themselves eligible for funding candidates.

Funding can come from various quarters, TA/PA/RA at the time of admission or thereafter.

I would want to quiz you, why do you wish to pursue an MS in US? Is it to get a job in the US/ or to fulfill ure quest for knowledge?

If you wish to stay in India and want to learn more stuff you can always enroll yourselves at various seminars, tutorials, training programs. In Delhi IIT-D frequently conducts such programs, having attended them I can say they are very informative.

If your heart answers the former go for it, if your heart answers the later, think twice, MS really isn't for the inquisitive mind.
Its just an introductory course, it can tickle your mind but not quench your thirst. Go for the Phd.
Best of Luck.
hari, let me congratulate for u r enthusiasm to improve ur qualification even after gaining experience. if u are working ingovt. organization u will get lien for study period. if u r working private sector u r management if feels they may sponsor u for higher education. there are best technological universities in india like mit and iits. why go to singapore. try indian institute of science bangalore. so many research institutes in india try u luck there. all the best mr.hari.

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