Can you study abroad in high school?

Question:I want to study in England for one year then Japan for another. What would I have to do to be able to do this?

Definitely -- at least one year is easily doable. Getting two years in is much more complex and may hinder your graduation from high school.

In general, you need to find an exchange organization that is certified in both your country and the country to which you wish to travel. In the U.S., you can find a list at or talk to your high school counselor.

The best time to do a year abroad is your junior year -- you are of a good age (usually you must be between 15-18) and you can be home for your senior year. This not only enables you to enjoy your final high school year, but also to catch any credits you might need to graduate.

The programs can be rather expensive. Rotary is the cheapest, but it's the most competitive and has additional responsibilities to it. I'm not sure about the cost of that one. The rest range from about $5000 - $8000 depending upon the length of time, the program and the country you go to. In addition, you must cover your personal expenses. However a good organization will help you fundraise and there are also scholarships available, especially to Japan.

If you have to pick one of the two, I would recommend Japan as one of the primary reasons (with the best pay back) of doing an exchange year is language immersion.

Good luck! An exchange year is a life changing opportunity
i don't think so
Thats all most young boys do.
Look for the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, they send students abroad for a ten month period to study at a school in that country. I went to India. You can only spend one year in the program, so you would be unable to do both of your desired years through this exact program, but you could do the other in college.

For the Rotary program you must have good grades and people skills and be very open-minded and mature. You have to get physicals, shots, and go through many interviews, but all you have to pay for is your plane ticket as you stay with a host family in the country you visit. good luck.
Contact the English and Japanese education systems and ask what your options are.
I know in Australia we have students from overseas learning in our schools.I am not sure of the procedure but we do have a student exchange system as well.
You can, as long as you or your parents have enough money to finance those two years of living far away.
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