How long does it take to get use to high school??

Question:I've been in high school so far for almost a week now and i can barley handle it! I have pratically no friends, i cant open my locker, the homework is alot, and the schedule is way to confusing!!! I've been so stressed out to! How do i calm down and how long does it take to get use to high school!!???

Try to take comfort in the fact that everyone else is going through the same things you are... once you start meeting some new people you'll start seeing that they are in the same boat and they'll help you get to know each other much better..

I made friends on my first day and got used to high school straight off the bat, but I also was voted Most Outgoing four years later when I graduated so you shouldn't dwell on that too much...

One thing I remember doing in my first few weeks is going around and making friends with a lot of people that didn't seem to have many friends... I'm sure that in a week or two someone will come by and be very friendly and open, usually when you find that person you start meeting lots of other people and eventually make a good group of friends.

As for the work, try setting some time aside during your day to just sit down and study... I found that when I actually went over the material first doing the homework became much easier and less stressful.

And if you're forgetting your schedule and locker combination, there's no harm in writing it down. You wont look like an idiot... and I should know because throughout my four years I always had a copy of my schedule with me (I barely used my locker so I didn't bother remembering my combo... or even where my locker was...)

So don't worry too much about when things will start coming together, there's no set time by which you'll start feeling more comfortable, and you always have to remember that fitting in and finding your way is a personal thing.

Hope that helps :-)
A week or 2.
About a month
you should join something.
its a lot easier to make friends.
3 weeks
Awww... I really do feel your pain! I switched from a private to a public school and it was a big change. And yeah, it actually does take about 3ish weeks to get used to it. You'll start to get used to the work, the people, and the locker. You'll figure out in what classes the homework is top priority and which homework doesn't need to be done or can be done last min (like the class before). And I know probably everyone says this, but joining extra curriculars really does help with making friends. I didn't know what I was good at when I started high school so I did track, basketball, cheerleading, dance team, tennis, and volleyball all before I figured out I really enjoyed dramatics. You'll make friends through it, I promise. Try lots of different things and step outside of your comfort zone and learn to enjoy high school.
start getting involved in activieties, you'll fit in much faster. good luck
be cool and make new friends it takes about 2 weeks just try 2 stay cool i know i sit alone at lunch so i know how hard it is
try to find your friends from junior high about a month
About 40 years. Some people never get over it. You might start feeling better with it at your 20th reunion - I'd say about 2031.

Relax - be yourself - realize that everyone else is as miserable as you. It's high school.
When I first started, it took me a couple of weeks. I just started getting my work done after I was done with classes at the end of the day or after I had finished practice. In terms of schoolwork, it's just all about managing your time effectively. As for making friends and stuff, just try to be social. Talk to people in class and smile. Say hi to people if you make contact with them when you're walking to classes.
1 week because peer leaders will help you no matter what
think about all the people around you at school. surely everyone is not smarter than you, and if a dumb person can do all that you are not doing obviously you can do it better. ?
The first year is really rough socially. Academically, get used to it 'cause it gets harder every year. But if you discipline yourself you can get used to it.
how long did u say? well it depends on how long are u planning to stay... look, its just started so get used to it... first thnings first... have ur class schedule written in a paper n post this in ur room... have a copy of this schedule in ur notebook... with regards to friends... again first things first... prioritize ur sked... like homework... do the easiest first and the hard ones later... now comes friends... friends and homework can come in at teh same time... try making friends and exchange ideas in making homeworks... its better to have 2 heads than 1 than to have none at all... relax and make every bit of life in high school... its were u develop ur skills n imagination...
it takes awhile to adjust, i remember my first day of high school, i didn't kno ANYONE, i had just come from a private school and had to leave all my friends to jump into this unknown public school, i cried the whole first week lol but i stuck with it, kept my chin up and everything got better, i can't give u a specific amount of time it takes to adjust, it can vary from person to person, but just try to be urself, take some risks, talk to people in ur classes even if u normally wouldn't, just try to work through it cuz it's gonna be rough in the beginning, but it always gets better with time! i promise you that!! : )

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