Degree Abroad? Scholarships, financial aid options?

Question:I want to transfer universities to study in Spain. I'm almost fluent in Spanish and just know this would do the trick for me.

I was looking at some of their website and it seems financial aid is only offered to EU nationals. What financial options do Americans have in these situations? Are there third-parties I could try to win scholarships from?

*Note about Study Abroad Programs - A semester isn't enough and it's bogus; they organize it like a 4 month party, people usually have to stick with their American classmates and they end up just getting s***faced 24/7. Plus I'd prefer just to get the degree from there as my current university isn't very good with languages.

I did a degree abroad in the UK and I borrowed, lots. There isn't much free money out there for Americans to study abroad. I borrowed from Sallie Mae. I think that you should look into getting a job teaching English. You'll make enough money to get by and if you get a TEFL certification before you go you'll have no problem finding a job. I think if you're serious about a full degree abroad you should go for it and not concern yourself with the financial aspect. If you teach English in Spain, you can use your experience to find a job nearly anywhere in the world.
u should visit 4 that. It has got information abt different courses. Its a completely educational site.
Get a job when you get there. If you don't make enough money, get another job. Keep doing that until you make enough for school and life. You will do fine.

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