Has Anyone Ever Done International Co-op for Highschool?

Question:u study in another country all the while u earn credits..

which country did u go to?
was it fun?
how much $?
and in total how many credits did u earn ?

While I have not personally done this, I've hosted and repped 12 foreign exchange students.

An exchange year is a fun and life changing experience. If you pick a country with a different language from your own, you have set yourself up for additional benefits in the future such as preferred college admissions (perhaps additional scholarships) and a brighter earning potential.

As to high school credits, you need to discuss that with your counselor. Each school handles and exchange year a bit differently. In general, if you go as a junior, you can usually earn most of what you need to graduate. You may have to double up on something the following year or take something a year early (usually American history and/or government). Sometimes that can be done with a summer or correspondence course.

Depending upon the program you pick, an exchange year can be a bit pricey. Rotary is the cheapest, but it's highly competitive and had additional responsibilities. Other programs range from $5000 - $8000 plus personal expenses, depending upon the country and length of the stay. However, a good program will help you fund raise.

For a list of programs certified to operate in the U.S. you can go to www.csiet.org or talk to your high school counselor.

Good luck and go for it!

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