Friends as foreign exchange students?

Question:I have friends who are foreign exchange students and one is from SPain and one is from SOuth Korea but I know some SPanish and I talk to my friend from SPain in Spanish but I believe my friend from Korea feels left out. Also, I need some topics to talk to my friends about other than their home country

I've hosted and repped kids for about 12 years now. I think it's REALLY great you have exchange student friends. It's very hard for them to break into "cliques" at school.

As for the language issue ... we tell our kids to always speak English -- unless they are being polite because someone wants to try out their language skills. A big part of this is how well does your Spanish friend speak English? If it's not too good, you're not helping her by speaking in Spanish. Wait until she gets better at English. Also, it's definitely NOT nice to speak in Spanish in front of your Korean friend. Use English. When her language skills improve, have her begin teaching you some Korean phrases. THis will keep her involved.

For things to talk about ... what do you talk to your American friends about? The opposite sex? Sure you do! Movies and TV and stars? Of course! Clothes? Yep! You get the idea. Any subject that pretty much interests your American friends will interest them.

Exchange students are in the US primarily for two reasons -- English and learning about our culture. Treating them like you treat your other friends is a great way for both to happen!
talk about sports, video games, food and girls.

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