Any1 startin college in the University of Hertfordshire?

Question:Im irish and have decided to fly the nest at the tender age of 19 by goin to a different college and country to my friends..the form is scared but verry excited..any1 can tell me what to expect..nightlife,things to do,shoppin,cost of living etc etc!

Well, im not going there but i do live a few miles down the road and have known the area all my life. The campus is brand new and even from faraway it looks magnificant, up close its better. Although its not alway about looks, i have no first hand experience of the courses but people i have met have said its good. Facilities are great.

The campus is based in Hatfield, which hasnt got the best reputation where i live. However, u dont have to live there if you dont want to. St Albans, is just a bus/ car journey downt the road. Welwyn Garden City is the same. Also, check on the train network website for nearby towns/areas which are close by train. In st albans is the closest link to kings cross in london. Hatfield station is the closest national rail overground station, but doesnt link with the london underground i think, although u can make changes.

I think the uni has a bar called "the font", which has some good nights. Also, st albans main club is called batchwoods, which has student nights on thurs and is quite good. Although can get a bit rowdy sometimes, but which club isnt afterward?

Right next door to the campus is the galleria shopping centre, which used to be new when i was young and is now what is seen as a bit of a failure. Although it is clean and has some good shops, for some reason it is hardly ever busy although that is a good thing sometimes. Also, it has a good cinema, which has "europes first digital multiplex" (odeon), and is quite good actually- much better quality!

For shopping, like i said, st albans has the usual clone shops as any other city, the area is partyly scenic where it has a cathedral and lakes for relaxing but also some horrid areas like u would expect where there are clone fried chicken places where yobbos hand out as if they own the ground they walk on. It has a lot or history because of the Romans. Although st albans is still a nice city to be in, and is constantly changing.

Welwyn garden city also has a shopping centre called the howard centre, which ive only been to a few time and thought it was ok but not the best.

Watford is not too far aswell, it has the Harlequin shopping centre which is the best of the lot and has everything you would want and more. Very busy all the time, food court, surrounding shops etc. Also, watford has the best nightlife in the area with Destinys nightclub and area, which is smaller but most people say is better.

Also, if u dont mind a little train journey, London is just 25 mins away!

As for cost of living, st albans is kinda bit more than average as its a cathedral city and is quite old, but i think u can find a cheap place to stay, although pick wisely. Hatfield has an area where students stay aswell, forgot the name though. you can also live in halls of residence although some like more freedom.

Also for shopping n going are stevenage and hemel hempstead and both have massive complexs containing bowling lanes, swimming, lots of food places, cinemas, etc etc.

Hope this helps, it better- it took ages to write!

Please ask if u need anymore answers! if u add me as a contact your questions will automatically be sent to my email, although its up to u.x

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