I am going to USA for studies so I have to speak English like US. I can speak UK (indian) english now. So what

Question:to do to learn USA english quickly ?

The speech probably won't be as much a problem as some vocabulary and spelling. People in the U.S. come from all over, so unless you are going to an isolated small town to study, most people won't object to an accent. Spelling can be a problem, as there are a lot of words, like colour and cheque, which would be spelled color and check in the U.S. Make sure that the computer you use has a good spellcheck function which is set to U.S. spellings. You will find that some words are different, although you may be more familiar with the American version from film and television. A flat, for example, is an apartment, and a lift is an elevator. Wikipedia seems to have a fairly comprehensive list of words having different meanings in American and British English, which you might look over.
Find a language partner at your school. A native speaker of American English. Spend as much time as you can with American speakers of English.
Ask your instructor for help with accent reduction. S/he might be able to give you specific suggestions.
In general, I've always found it helpful for students to listen to American speech, then record themselves saying the same thing. Listen to the differences, and work on matching the two.
If you are fluent, don't worry. You'll pick up the local speech through experience and practice. See as much TV and listen as much radi as you can, that'll help.

The best of luck and success to you.
I agree with the above answers. If you fluently speak English, you'll be fine. Watching TV, listening to music, and talking to lots of people regularly will help your accent sound more American. Over time there will be a noticable difference.
sorry cant answer that u gota learn it.. there is no fast way try to speak it all the time...
You will be able to find some good online tutors at http://wiziq.com
You should sign up and search for a teacher there. I am sure you will find a good one.
Dont wooooory if u can speak English sooon in U.S.A u'll be speaking American English its not very different.
Do not worry too much. I had Indian friends in college, in the work place and lately any time I need a motel room. I very much like the UK Indian English especially with an accent.
It sounds so pleasing to me; anyway I never had trouble with
communication because of it.

After you get to America (welcome by the way) you can adopt an American style that you feel is good. We have many variations and you might hear a Boston accent, Brooklyn accent, down east (Maine) accent, and many others. I think the least accent is in California and I have heard people from there pride themselves on having no accent. Most likely you will probably tune in to where you will study. You might want to add exactly where you will be going as you might get additional specific information.

I have noticed some who seem to never lose the accent of their native language and others seemingly can learn a new language without a trace of their first language. But I don't know why this is so.

We also have a lot of little idiomatic meanings but you can find them on the internet. I keep coming across them and usually can find variations in word and phrase meanings on the internet. Don't be afraid to ask whomever you are speaking with what they mean by something if you don't understand it.

Best to you

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hey this is your complex only u cannot. to my sense when you live in usa you will use to speak. if you can speak uk english. what is differece in us or uk english just pronounciation is different only. so dunno wrry wel come to us..
don't assume you'll pick up proper English from American movies, most of them are full of slang and although it might help you understand fellow students it isn't the type of language that you would ever use writing papers for your classes.

If you pass the TOEFL exam (which most US universities require) then you should be confident that your English will be adequate.

As someone from the US I can tell you up front that some big cities will be more of a problem than smaller towns. It really depends on what part of the US you will be going to. Some parts don't have a problem with foreigners while others are less open.
Indians speak th perfect english. so dude if u speak perfect vowls nd concenents its mre thn enugh. read readrs digest wl help u a lot. basically use smple englsh mre thn enugh/ all th best
namaskar brother
speak as naturally, as indian or african who speak english.
you are not the first and the last to go to the USA
try do to "not have the bag on your knee" (the beatles) on your way to usa
never mind on the accent (french word), hands are also useful to talk or nogging head as we use to do, without saying "yes or no"
all means...
good luck to you

Speak with your nose.The nasal accent confuses you.Dont worry, they are as scared of us as we are about them.In one month you will feel at home.
u can join a call center they can teach u an accent of US in less then a month & in return u get paid also
There are not many differences between US and UK english. Mostly the people who capitalize on those differences are schools which want to make one belive that one version is superior than the other. Other than some spelling differences and a few terms, you will be fine with the english you have learned. Don't fret over these differences you will pick them up quickly once you are in the US.
don't worry you first learn important accent in us slang and then u hear the us accent music .....
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