I am a indian dentist wants to study mph in australia ,any one to guide me?

Question:one yr course prefrable ,,, what about part time jobs ,,, what about p .r. in australia ,,, is it recognised in us ,,, how about contuning after one year ,,,,please guide me


There are only 42 (soon to be 43) universities in Australia, all of them are fully accredited and they are tightly regulated, therefore the quality and recognition of their graduates are equal from wherever university you are studying from. The most important thing is you have to READ the course information carefully, since some courses may have the same name but different content. My suggestion is if your interest is to work in US, then you should study in US, since the US are pretty strict in regards to foreign uni recognition (they prefer local graduates).

I am assuming that mph is Master of Public Health? There are quite a number of Australian universities offering the course to international students. To find out the course and where it is offered, I suggest you to go to Dept of Education, Science and Technology (http://cricos.dest.gov.au) and IDP Education Australia website (www.idp.edu.au). IDP is an organisation that gives information to international students who wants to continue their study in Australia. The information abt the course duration, fees & requirements can be found in the university's website. Please make sure that you access the information for internationals students, since some requirements, application form and fees are different than Australians'.

Once decided on the uni, fill in the application form and send it together with certified copy of your academic qualification. Depending on your country of origin, you may also need to submit an IELTS test results for proof of your English proficiency (www.ielts.org)

As an international student, you can apply for working permit after you have arrived in Australia. You can only work max 20hrs/week during study period, and full-time only during semester holiday period. Therefore you have to budget yourself carefully, since it is obvious that you cannot rely on the income from Australia to even support yourself.

After successful completion of your study you can continue on as international student, or apply for residency visa. I do know that currently there are quite a number of international students that completed their study and got the residency visa to stay and work in Australia. However laws keep changing very rapidly and the best way to know how will be to contact the Dept. of Immigration towards the end of your course. This is b'cos the information that given to you now will be obsolete by the time you've finished your course.

Hope this helps. Good luck for your study and welcome to Australia :)
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