Has anyone been with TEFL/TESOL courses? How soon did you get your job placements and what is the salary like?

Question:How has the experience been so far?

It depends on where you are teaching and the level of you degree or certification. Teaching in the US or outside (Japan, China, Korea, etc.)?

Teaching in a public school as an ESL teacher with a Bachelors Degree + teaching cert. and ESL cert will earn anywhere from 27K to 40k depending on the district.

Teaching at a county college as an adjunct will earn about $600 per credit (approx. $1,800 a course), but you will need a Masters Degree.
I'm an experienced language teacher (10 yrs), who returned to get an MA in TESOL. I graduated top of my class. I've applied for at least 50 positions (all over the US, and two in Germany) over the past two years. Granted, I'm only looking at community colleges, full-time, tenure-track. I have a great CV, great references, great research. I haven't even gotten one interview.

I'm still working in the public schools, teaching German. I've also worked on and off as an adjunct English comp instructor at a local CC.

To find a full-time CC position has proven *very* difficult. My classmates have similar stories... most of us have stayed with the K-12 schools we started out with. My classmates who didn't already have a K-12 job are unemployed, or working for near-minimum wage at writing/reading labs. A few work adjunct positions, which don't pay a living wage, either.

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