I am having a hard time deciding whether to study abroad my first semester freshman year in college in spain?

Question:I will be going to UVM and would be back second semester, will i miss out on to much?

I would hold off on going abroard. It is great that you are even presented with the opportunity to go so early in your college career, most schools dont let you know untill a bit later, but that means you will get more opprotunities later on.

Adjusting to college is a fun but challenging time and the stress of going abroad might be difficutl. It might be easier on you to get used to your new learning enviornment and get your feet set in your major.

You will also be making most of your friends in your earlier years of college so you do not want to miss out on that either!
WHY? What do you think you would get out of just ONE semester by going to school in Spain? AND... I assume you speak Spanish fluently because they won't be teaching you basic Spanish or in English.

If you are really serious about studying abroad, then spend at least your Freshman and Sophomore years in a U.S. college and THEN decide where you want to go in Europe.

Since you didn't share what you plan to Major in, any other advice is meaningless... But, I can tell you this... the one thing I found out when I started in University in England was, I was VERY FAR behind the European school system even though I was carrying a 3.82 GPA in the U.S. and I had a LOT of remedial work to do along with my regular studies.
I think you will gain so much more than you will miss.
First off, spend a year, not a semester.

Talk to your international student/study abroad office. They will only accept credits from approved universities/programs. Usually, you wait until your junior year to study abroad. At that point, you have a major, and more proficiency in Spanish. It'll make it a more meaningful experience.

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