Hi, i am from India. I m in 3rd year of comp. engineering. My 5th sem. has been started. I had been depressed?

Question:cuz of some personal problem for the last 2 yrs. n even at this time too. Actually i wanna go to US n there is no support, neither financially nor nor to help me make my visa etc n i don't know how to get them made. Though i've always been quite good in studies. But getting very less marks in engg. In 1st sem. i got 67%, in 2nd 60%, in 3rd 72%, n in 4th 62% . I've no idea what to do now. Basically i wanna do MBA from NY but getting scared where will i get admission with such a low GPA. Will it work if i start working hard from now n get 80% in the next remaining 4 sems. or it can't be mend now ? I haven't given GMAT test. Though i can score good in that (as my english is fine) , but thinking that it won't work well now as graduation marks r also seen n i've lost that time. PLZ PLZ PLZ help me . I m in stress due to this for the last couple of months. Can something be done now ? Will i get admission in some good college ? Can i get scholarship to finance my MBA studies ? thanx

Such situations arise with the people, who are overambitious...,
In turn turning to day dreamers... They have indiscriminate expectations from their lives... And when they do not get whatever they have been longing for... they usually go in depression...
Be practical... The realistic world is too hard... Stop wishful thinking... Work hard... Do worry for today... Do not dream for tomorrow... Just plan for it and strive hard to achieve the goal...
an engineering degree is not the ideal path for an MBA anyway. What is your ultimate career goal? If business related and you suck in computer engineering, simply switch majors to one you will excel in NOW.
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