How much will it cost me to get a bechelor degree in dubai?

Question:in finance, i have no idea about dubai's colleges, i do have a list of them but it doesnt say how much

i could help you by... actually it is pretty costly to do a finance course in dubai especially a bachelors...may be you could try with bits pilani campus in dubai .because they have some flexible finanacial aids i believe..but you can expect a bachelors in finanace anywhere between dhs45k-70k for 4 years..
otherwise it is good to do it india..which would be my wise decision since sme of the degrees are not recognised outside check out for that..

goodluck to you!
If you have a list of colleges in Dubai, what're you waiting for? Contact them and they should be happy to furnish the details!
in India a best universities of bachelor degree courses i think u must try for education come India or go to Pakistan for higher qualification.

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