I am absolutely pathetic with Maths ,How can i crack GMAT?

Question:Someone please help me ... I want to crack GMAt with 700 Score but unable to do so as i am not comfortable with number ( as in calulation)
Any books or anything..

The key is to getting past exam papers. There will always be a pattern in the questions and the answers expected.

Once you 'discover' the pattern, it's a case of simply memorising and practising the formulas for the questions that come up, and then reapplying them later on.

There really is no point trying to learn everything, it's better to pick up a handful of things and know them well.

Being awful at maths, I was still able to complete maths exams well, using the above trick.

Once you've 'cracked' the method and can complete a calculation, believe me, it gets more fun and satisfying.

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