How to please a Japanese Professor?

Question:Well, I'm contacting a Professor in a top university in Japan right now to see if he's interested in my research and take me as his student.

He has answered my questions about the graduate school itself and his background in a timely manner. However, he's very indirect to respond when I ask him about his interest in my research or take me as his student.

I am confused about this? I know the research plan I have now is not perfect, but how am I going to revise it without any feedback? Is this just a Japanese culture thing or what? What should I do next?

Have you sent him samples of your research? If so, ask him if he can give you any feedback on how to improve it. Ask what direction you should take it. Don't mention becoming his student yet. Wait till he answers the first questions.

Yes, Japanese culture is very indirect. One rule is that if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything. It's possible he is not interested in your research, but it is also possible you are not following the proper procedure for applying to graduate school there. Find out exactly how to apply. Perhaps they have a very formal process and he is embarassed and confused that you are speaking to him directly.
just send him some of your work and see what he says :):)
oh i think you know how! don't forget the knee pads and a lot of chapstick
Japanese are very easy to please.
just take them a gift or two when visiting them.
Thats the way they treat and expect the same in return.
I m sure he will take U in.
All the best.

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