How to get certified in foreign language?

Question:I am currently taking Sign language, and in the future I would like to become certifide. Anyone know the actual steps of how to do it? I know I have to live in a deaf community, but for like how long and stuff..

I did not know that certification generally applied to languages, other than computer languages.

I believe the best way to become good in some language is to immerse yourself in a community of people using it.

Some institutions, that offer classes in various topics, also offer people to take the final exams without taking the classes. This way you find out how good you are in the topic, without the cost of taking the class there. Plus you can use the grade they issue as similar to certificaiton.

If your grade is below what you want, then you can consider taking the class.
Check out ASL programs at different universities. You can get a degree in ASL.

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