How can a student from England attend an America University?

I live in England. At the moment i'm at college. I will own finished my college course in 2 years time when am 18. How would i step about applying to an America University? I've other wanted to live their ineradicably and i think going to university contained by America would be the first step.

Answers:    Studying abroad is a immensely expensive commitment but I can certainly minister to to guide you if you wish to study within the States.

Firstly you need to settle on what it is that you wish you study and afterwards find a University which suits and meets your wishes. There are plenty of ways to find which University is right for you, it could be based on the school academic text, financial costs or maybe even via location, probably there is specific state or city which you which to live within, climate to be in or conceivably you want to close to the sea or mountains.

However you establish, it is up to you but just remember that you will be spending the subsequent four years there.

Each University as different prices for their tuition lately like respectively state and city as a different cost of living. The cost can range anywhere from $18,000 - $45,000 per year including tuition, cost of living, transportation etc.

If money is an issue you might want to look at attending a Community College. You spend your first two years here previously transferring to a State/Metropolitan University to complete your final two years. This can save you comparatively a huge sum of money.

Once you have fixed or narrowed down you choice of Universities or Community Colleges. Then your next step is contacting them and request that they transport you all of the relevant paperwork for entrance as an international student including details about the course you yearning to study.

Then look what the requirements are to be accepted and fashion sure you have everything contained by order (fees, documents, experiment scores, affidavits etc) up to that time sending off your application of entry to the University or Community College.

Once you have be accepted the University will issue you next to the form I-20 and then you can finally start the visa process. You will be applying for a student visa (F-1)

If you want more information almost applying for a student visa or if you want anymore help, guidance or assistance around anything regarding studying in a foreign country... no matter how small the interrogate maybe afterwards do not hesitate to contact me directly (email or messenger) and I will be more than positive to help.

Below are a few links which provide some vastly useful information.
telephone or go online and speak to one of the people who work within, and apply.

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