Canadian Universities vs. American Universities?

Question:As a student studying in a Canadian high school, would going into a Canadian Medical or Law school be a better option for me, than going into a U.S. Medical or Law school? Does studying into U.S.A. make my chances for getting a scholarship less? I think so because the Canadian govt. grants higher scholarships to students studying in Canada than studying elsewhere. Also, will I be granted scholarships from an American University if I plan to study there. I am a Canadian citizen. Secondly, does Canada recognize Medical or Law education from the U.S.A. and vice versa? How are the job prospects in these fields in the U.S.A. as compared to Canada?

The US and Canadian medical schools are accredited by the same agency, so there is no issue of a Canadian education being different from a US medical school.

Your best approach is to complete your education in Canada. You have the opportunity to complete the US Medical Licensing Examination at the same stages in your education as US students, so at the completion of your education you can become licensed in the US.

There are very few scholarships to medical school in the US.

Yes, Canada recognizes the credentials of a US educated physician--same accreditation authority!

The pay for physicians in the US is better than in Canada, but the job prospects are relatively equal.

I don't know law school issues, sorry.

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