Do you think studying abroad or away from home is really necessary?

The world is a very strange place... If we stay at home we think that since we have mcdonalds everywhere that the world is the same everywhere but really we have a lot to learn by being exposed to other cultures... other forms of community and see how other people value life as more than who has the shiniest toys.

I think necessary is a little strong... But I would still say incredibly valuable.
Yes. In today's world, if you don't have international experience, you really aren't an educated person. As far as being away from home goes, while I know people who, for various reasons, didn't do this, it really allows a change of perspective which opens you up to more significant change during your education.
It's certainly not necessary, but it would be a good life experience.
If you are looking to work in a foreign language based field (whether it is say teaching a foreign language or working with foreign literature) then yes, I feel that it would be best to have a least a brief immersion in that culture to get a better understanding of the material that you're teaching or working with.

In the world of business it is often helpful to get a perspective of the cultural interactions/taboos/etc to be a better candidate for a job with an international company.

Overall many people that have had these experiences feel that they gave them a lot of understanding, insight, and experience that they wouldn't have gained any other way.

Personally I'm sorry I put an organizational involvement in college ahead of my desire to do a study abroad program. That is one decision that I don't necessarily regret, so much as I resent the fact that I needed to make it.

To be precise, what's necessary is up to you, but if you have the opportunity, and you can take the opportunity, TAKE IT. Even if you learn that you never want to go anywhere else in the world again, you've gained something from the experience. College and life are about taking every opportunity you are given and trying to make something out of it.
i don't have time fr lengthy answer but i m under lot of pressure to do so from my whole family.
It's not necessary for everyone, no. Some people are not suited for such an adventure. However, in general, it's very necessary.
The bottom line, and short answer, is that we need to learn about others in order to get along with them. A home stay exchange program is the perfect way to do that.

If you are being pressured into doing this, and you don't want to go ... then please, don't go. Speaking from a host family perspective, there is nothing worse than hosting a kid who has been pressured into becoming an exchange student. Your year is doomed from the start.

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