Can you still go to a community college in the States if you didn't graduate highschool here but elsewhere?

Question:My friend is a foreign exchange student in Australia and now her mom wants her to go study here in the States. She thought that if you didn't graduate highschool here, you couldn't go to a community college either. So if you could just answear her question for me (because she doesn't know how to use yahoo!answer), it would be very awesome. Also if you have any informations on tuitions and learning programs, it'll be so cool.

Yes, as long as she completed her schooling in Australia, she can study here at a community college. If she did not finish her schooling, she will have to talk to the college and see if she needs to take the GED exam first, or not. She should bring a copy of her transcripts with her, to make this process easier.
Tuition and programs vary widely by school. Have her check out colleges in the area where she is going to live. Their website will give you information about tuition fees, degree programs, etc.
Yes, she can. Every school is different but look one up on line and see what they offer.
Yes she can go to a community college even if she did not graduate high school in the United States providing she meets all of the requirements of that college.

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