How do you organize to spend some time abroad?

Question:I'd like to spend some time in Spain or Latin America after graduation, but I've got no idea how to organize it, because I need to find a job and a flat. Some things could perhaps be done by internet, but it's propably very hard to find a job. Has anyone of you ever done something like this before? I really need some help, because I don't know what to do.

Firstly: Do you know anyone in those places? If you do, write to them and ask questions.

The organising is rather easy- - -save up enough money for a ticket, a few months of food money and hotel/apartment rent, and then go.

Your best bet is to buy a ticket to the capital city, and rent a hotel for a week or two. Then you find the "English Speaking Club" or the "English Speaking Church" and go there to meet others who speak English. Maybe someone will help you find an apt and a job. Or try the Embassy.

If you are hippie like, no-one will really be interested in helping you. But if you act professional and courteous and kind, there may be nanny jobs or other menial jobs available in the ex-pat community.

Now the job is a problem. Most countries do not give visas to people who are foreigners, without certain restrictions. (They want their own ppl to have those jobs!)

A job you can probably get a visa for is as an English teacher. But only if your Spanish is excellent.
Why spain or Latin America?Probably the answer to my question can give u your answer.
Rule #1:

You're not going to "organize" Spain or Latin America.

You'll probably enjoy them both a lot more if you just get there and hang loose.

You can research all you want, but that's not what you'll see when you get there.

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