Benefits of learning German?

Studying in Germany ( some of the best universities in the world), becoming a translator, teaching German.If you want to go to a higher degree-MA, Ph.D - then you could easy read the German bibliography which is extensive.Dutch is familiar to German. So if you learn German you could speak in the netherlands, austria, germany etc. It would be very easy to travel in these contries as people appreciate a lot their language and they do not want to speak english all the time.
It depends on what you want to do with your knowledge of German. (1) If you want to work or study in a German-speaking country, you will need a good grasp of German.(2) If you wish to spend a holiday in Germany, you will find that a knowledge of the language will improve your enjoyment of your holiday. The people will really warm to you when they see that you are sufficiently interested in them and their country to learn something of their language. Even if you don't do much German-speaking, you will at least be able to read signs, labels, etc. (3) If you don't actually go to Germany, you can read German-language publications and get some pleasure from that. And finally (4): If a German tourist asks you for directions in your home town, and you can answer in his/her language, you'll get a great feeling of satisfaction from that! Go for it, and best of luck!
Among other benefits, you'll be able to read a lot of scientific, technical, and scholarly papers that are only available in German. There are a lot of them and they're not available in translation.

Also, you'll be able to write your own papers for publication in German language journals, and reach a wider audience in a lot of fields.
You could teach German later on.

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