I want to study within america.....?

im 16 (Just left academy in England) an very soon in 6th form.i want to study architecture if i do capably in my a-levels, surrounded by america and i was freshly wondering with a-levels is this possible and how do i be in motion about it? beter still could i even stir 2 america now? and what college/school should i progress to?
p.s. im also a keen football (soccer) player and would even similar to to do that? any clubs for 16 year olds? or if not 16 year olds 18 year olds?

Answers:    Start writing to colleges and university registrars offices that present programs in architecture engineering. Go online and force out for them and narrow it down to the school you are interested in. Ask them what the entrance requirements are for foreign students.
ok the school here are different because we go to Elementary School (Kindergarten(before 1st grade)-6th grade) ---- Junior High School (also call Middle School) (7th-8th grade and sometimes 6th-8th grade) ---- High School (9th-11th grades). Just to consent to you know in armour its different in England, we hail as 9th grade Freshman, 10th echelon Sophmore, 11th Juniors, and 12th Seniors. That is also the same first name and order for the 1st-4th years at colleges standardly.
Usually relatives graduate high institution at 17 or 18 years old (most are 18). Then usually they step to college or a university. Depending on your classes, you may want to go to soaring school.
I would look at boarding school or maybe a foreign exchange program (alot cheaper) where on earth you stay with a host inherited and go to a local institution.
In most places in the US, the local school are VERY good, and adjectives the boarding schools are intensely advanced. Good luck researching!!
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