How's education in sweden can i continue ?

Question:i'm 18 i was 9th grade in my country now i'm in sweden but i didn't know any language of sweden so how i will continue any one knowing about this p\z give me some advice.

Although many people speak English you must be able to speak Swedish if you want to live here permanently. Since you say your just 18 , I'm guessing you haven't started studying at university. There are hardly any undergraduate courses in English, maybe just a handful of special programs. There are many but only in masters though.

If you want to study in Sweden check if you course is available in English first. You definitely must show papers that you have high school English. If not, you must re-take English and/or Swedish in komvux, which is an adult learning school. This you have to contact Komvux in your city. You can find it by typing www. and the name of you city followed by .se

Here's a dictionary to help you translate...
How did you end up in Sweden? From where? What part are you in?

Everyone in Sweden speaks English also.
well if your worried about not being able to speak the language then its no problem, they learn English in school like we learn Spanish.
I would contact your city's education department if I were you. Swedish schools are excellent!

To Trix: I can assure you, in Sweden they learn English MUCH BETTER than we learn Spanish! :)
If you are in Sweden legally you can attend university for free. University of Lund is almost English exclusively as all other Universities. You first must pass an English test before being accepted.

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