About study in italy...?

Question:hi,can somebody help?Especially Italians.:)
Do u know which Italian universities have one-year master course? Especially in arts, languages or culture,media?
Do they charge the same fee for international students and home students? How much is the fee for master degrees in one year? How much do u have to spend in living and consuming?Thanks.:)

Hi, I'm Italian and first of all I want to tell you not to come here 'cause the university system in Italy really doesn't work. I'm a medical student and if I could turn back time I'd come and study in the US at your expensive prices. But if you really want to come I'll try to help you. The most important italian universities are Pisa, Bologna, Milano, Roma, Florence and maybe some more. The web sites are
www.unipi.it (pisa) - www.unibo.it (bologna)- www.unifi.it (firenze)
Roma has 3 universities www.uniroma1.it uniroma2.it and uniroma3.it
Milano 2 www.unimi.it and www.unimib.it
I don't know if all of them have the english version. If you can't find it click on "post laurea" or "offerta didattica"
Every university has different masters so you should take a look at all to find the one you like most. The price of a master is about 1000 up to 3000. It depends. And I think you don't have to pay more just because you come from abroad.
Usually it's not like that in Italy.
Life is expensive in all the cities I mentioned, especially the ones in the north. Anyway where I live and study (Pisa) you can pay 300 euros for a single room in a flat with more rooms. If you prefer living alone you might pay even 600. Sometime prices are all included, sometime are not.
If you need something else you can contact me by email

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