How do i become a paramedic? I was wondering about courses/uni's etc.?

Question:I have studied all art based a's and have realised i need a back up if that plan fails and have always wanted a career as a paramedic. I have not studied any sciences at a level but may, i was wondering my options after this, thanks .

Becoming a paramedic requires different things in every area. In Maryland, the easiest way to do it is to join a volunteer fire department and start out as an EMT. If you volunteer here, the county will pay for your class, which only lasts about 5 months (unless you do the accelerated 3 week class), and will provide a good foundation for starting the paramedic training. Starting the classes for that program is fairly simple and they're offered at most state schools. Additionally, the state will reimburse you for all tuition if you're a volunteer, and you can get some experience out on the street as an EMT. The course normally takes about 2 years and then you have to sit for the national board. One other way to do it is to get hired as a career firefighter in one of the local county departments. Many of them are requiring all new recruits to pass their paramedic training before they can start the fire academy.

Best of luck!
The best way is to join St Johns ambulance it would give you a better chance!
the easiest thing to do is, to go down to your local Ambulance station and ask the Paramedics there, some do Uni course, and some don't.
Paramedics work shifts, totally around 40 hours a week, including some nights and weekends. They need a driving licence and in many cases must be qualified to drive heavier vehicles. Paramedics work in many different places treating casualties and may also spend time in hospitals.

so i'm guessing no, but you may need some training before you start by the hospital.

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