Do I really hold to move after studying contained by the US?

I think it is required for international students to progress home once they've finished their course of study. What should I do if I want to stay?

Answers:    It really depends on your current visa, if you were gain entry on a f-1 visa for school, you would have need of to reapply for status change when you complete your amount. This usually require at least a 90 year waiting period outside the U.S.A. However, if your a college student and you are obtain a degree to be precise in entail within the U.S. similar to, nursing, doctors, engineers, or College Professors, you can request a status change for Resident Alien usually underneath an H-(?) Visa. The best advice I could grant you is to contact a local immigration office beforehand your student visa expires and ask how to extend, or change status to resident alien. Don't lurk to long, the more time you have on your Student visa, the sooner it can be processed, so that you don't hold to wait outside of the country for status modification. Good luck.
You could apply for a work visa.

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